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Our founder, Daniel Brassloff, founded Freed Foodies due to his own dissatisfaction with gluten-free pizza and other baked good options on the market. He was diagnosed with tree-nut allergies in 2000 and Celiac in 2006, and has tried his best since then to support brands making great products for those who follow the gluten-free diet. After starting his gluten-free microwave-made mug cake business (MuggedCake) with a few of his college peers at Babson College and spending a semester abroad in college studying Gastronomy at CETT university, he set out to experiment with flour blends and come up with a formulation he knew he could stand behind. 


After graduating college in December 2019, he spent five months working as a Scrum Master before being laid off due to COVID-related downsizing. With his newfound flexible schedule and passion to finally build a business with something he had been working on so long, he targeted his energy into designing our logo, packaging, and manually producing a 100 unit batch of his pizza crust mix to get feedback and test out his concept. He was fortunate to meet Tracy and her team at Pagu, which have allowed him access to dedicated space when needed at her restaurant to safely and cost effectively produce. 

Freed Foodies is part of Branchfood, a food entrepreneur community, Windham Grows, a food business accelerator program, and the Butler Launch Pad, Babson College's business accelerator.


He hopes to grow this business over time based on the feedback provided by potential customers like yourself, and looks forward to seeing where this goes!

June 2020 Production Run Image 1.jpg



Thanks to our active supporters like you, we were able to sell all 100 pouches from our first production run (in early June) by end of July.


We will be producing at least 250 units in our impending production run in August.   Our packaging will be more environmentally friendly, feature step by step instructions to make our product (including graphics), and tell our story based on feedback from people like you!


We are working to get on Etsy and Amazon for those who would prefer ordering there! Please reach out to us if there are any other platforms/stores you would like us stocked in, or businesses (such as bakeries and restaurants) you would like to use our mixes!


As a reminder our mix works for making pizza dough, cannoli shells, garlic knots, and calzones. We are working on developing recipes for bread loaves and tons of other baked goods with our mix, and will be sharing them on social media as we finalize them!

If you have any other comments, questions, or suggestions, please feel free to reach out to us here. Thank you for your support and becoming a Freed Foodie with us!

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